Name of the dame.

So the job of naming was given to our Daughter, who didn’t really give us much choice if I’m honest. A HUGE fan of the “Madagascar” movies, it was quickly decided that her name would be “Gia” after her favorite character in the 3rd installment who was an Italian circus performing Jaguar. Made PERFECT sense didn’t it? Other than the name, her speed and big brown eyes, the comparisons ended there ….


Gia from “Madagascar”

Luckily, there was no car sickness during the drive (she wisely hadn’t been fed that morning) I kept her on my lap in the front seat with the window open for some air. Between snoozes, she drooled EVERYWHERE. I’m talking “Beethoven” and “Turner and Hooch” drool. Everywhere.

As we arrived home, we were worried how Sookie would take to our new addition edging in on her turf, but luckily, there wasn’t any issue. We introduced them slowly, just in case. It began with endless sniffs and determined nose pokes quickly followed by the customary “if I ignore her for long enough will she go away?” attitude. Pretty much the same situation as to when we brought our new born baby daughter home to our 2 1/2 year old son 🙂 Once that was over, the 2 of them spent the evening chasing each other around the lawn, quickly tiring each other out, followed by some dinner and then bed time….

Sookie sniffing out the new kid on the block

That night, Gia slept in the shed with Sookie and so began the canine version of “Thelma & Louise”. Whatever cuddles and snuggles took place that night cemented their relationship for keeps. Sookie woke up that following morning as the self appointed surrogate mother and Gia gladly fell into the dutiful daughter role. It was clear after a few days, that Gia had in fact brought a new lease of life to our old lady. The pep was back in her step – it was like we had given her a new superdrug. It was called Gia.




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