The Labrador Brain

As all Labrador owners know, it doesn’t take long to learn what goes on in their brains.

  1. They are the most loyal and loving breed ever. Hands down.
  2. They think about food ALL THE TIME and will do just about anything for a treat.
  3. In the absence of food or treats, they will chew ANYTHING. We’re talking the leg of a trampoline, a hurley, rugby balls, swing ball stands, firewood, bike pedals, newly planted trees, fishing waders, bubble machines, swings and last but most certainly not least BBQ tongs. On a plus side, our kids have learned to put away all their toys from the garden every night before bed time, otherwise, they wont be there in the morning.
  4. Chase, retrieve, repeat. Chase, retrieve, repeat. Chase, retrieve, repeat (Get me?)
  5. In Ireland these days can be fewer than other parts of the world (slight understatement) but when the sun shines, they are the Kings of Sunbathers.

    A 7mth old sunbathing Gia
  6. They hate the rain but LOVE swimming. Be it a small twig, or their favorite tennis ball, they will swim to the ends of the earth for it. In the absence of a beach or lake, a puddle will do…

    swim one
    Taking the lead from Sookie in Plassey, Castletroy.
  7. I mentioned this in my first post when I was referring to Sookies “Flatulence” problem and putting it down to her being old, but who am I fooling here. Labradors of all ages, have farting down to a tee. A fine art if you will. They can do it without a single flinch and manage to look so innocent in the process that you almost blame it on the kids. The worst place can be in the living room when they are asleep by the fire. They wait for the neighbors to call and then BOOM. Or it can be in the car, on the way back from the park, as if the smell of hot, wet dogs isn’t enough, they top it off with… yes, you’ve guessed it, a fart.

So there’s the top 7 things, in my experience, that fill a Labrador brain. A dog of simple needs really? 🙂

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  1. kathybruton2 says:

    Oh how I enjoyed this! 🐾💕🐾

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