Go forth and multiply?


For as long as I have been a dog owner, the Chocolate Lab are a breed that have always caught my eye. That’s coming from someone who once had the pleasure of owning an Afghan Hound. If you know that breed, then you would think it doesn’t get more eye catching than that right? Not so.

Back in the late 1800’s Chocolate Labs were once considered the “Ugly Duckling” of the 3 colors. Thankfully, sanity was restored to the world by the turn of the 19th century.

There are so many beautiful features but its their eyes and coat that do it for me.


In my experience, the color of their eyes changes every time you look at them depending on a number of factors. Whether you are inside (where you will see mainly dark brown) outside (where the hazel tones kick in) or at the beach on a sunny day (moss like green staring back at you) to mention a few. Whichever of the above you encounter, is irrelevant to me, as they are all as beautiful as the other. It is important to note that their eye color is sometimes a bone of contention with some breeders. Some strive for dark eyes only (this is done by using only black labs known for producing chocolates) and some go for the light eyes, my favorite, this is where you see a truly outstanding contrast between their coat and eyes that is so appealing.



Their coats are quiet similar to their eyes too in that you get variety. You can get anything from rusty brown at the rump to shiny dairy milk velvet tones along their chest. When its molting season you can experience every type of variation of brown possible. In fact Farrow and Ball could do worse than use this breed as inspiration for their next brown color range 🙂 It’s easy to know if your dog is on the right food too, the shine on their coat will be so intense that they almost look like they’ve just taken a little dip.

We get great comments on Gia when we are out and about, and if we had a Euro for every time someone told us we should breed her, we would have a lot of Euros! All these lovely comments finally sank in and that’s when the hunt began for the perfect puppy daddy 🙂


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