Baby Daddy…..


May 2015

We were VERY picky when it came to finding the right puppy daddy for our first official litter. So much so, that we probably added a few months to the process, just to be sure we had made the right choice. Funny thing is, we ended up finding the right Sire only a few miles from our front door!

Mainly up until that point, we were being pulled in the direction of stud dogs, but we had the opportunity to view a potential sire from a private owner who really was a fine specimen of the breed. If only there was a “tinder” for Dogs, “Woofer” or “Howler” perhaps? It would have made that whole process less stressful – swipe left/right and bobs your Uncle. Maybe I should patent/copyright that idea……..



Once we got the green light from his owner, this was the checklist we worked off from there:

1 – Pedigree Registration: This is first and foremost, even above temperament. You need the paperwork for the pups so that the registration of the litter will go without a hitch. I would advise that you take a copy of their certificate for your files and this will also provide you with the information needed to ensure that they are not related to each other (you don’t need to be an experienced dog breeder to know the significance of that one!)

2 – Breed Standard: Both the Sire (Max) and the Dam (Gia) should be as good an example to the breed as possible, this is essential for a good quality litter and of course, you want to be proud when standing over your new litter in a few months time, so pay great attention to this.

3 – Physical Condition: You need to look for excellent physical condition in both dogs, this is key to a successful litter. Their health is their wealth and the biggest indicator to the presentation of your new litter. If there is something you feel may be potentially an issue, don’t be afraid to ask the Sire owner if you can have your Vet look over him. It will cost them nothing and give you great peace of mind.

4 – Temperament: Some people say I am mad, but this would be number one for me, even above registration. Maybe this is due to the fact that in our case we want to breed excellent family pups, as opposed to Show or Gun dogs (which I don’t have experience in) So I wouldn’t necessarily be searching for a Sire from a working/gun role as I want them to be good natured and exceptionally tolerant of children, which in some cases, gun dogs might not be (I don’t want to offend any gun dog owners here, as I know that a huge amount like children too!)

Max, our Sire, is the feature image on this post, isn’t he a handsome devil?

So – now that we had made our match, it was on to the birds and the bees…








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