Can we take a moment to admire how well behaved this guy looks in the featured image here? His lovely little owner has him well trained – good on ya girl! I think she needs to return to our house and see if she can teach his sister some manners…….

This is “Humphrey” our Marble City dog. This really was a lovely evening at our house the day his family arrived. The Mam had called me the previous day to say that her 2 daughters, son and husband had been dropping some MAJOR hints that they would like a family dog. She had been saying no for the previous 18mths, but had decided now was the time to take the plunge. What made their visit all the better was that the kids had NO IDEA why they had just driven to Limerick that frosty evening, up country roads and had arrived at a house they had never seen before. Oh ME NERVES! I met them at the door, mouths opening wondering who I was….. Mam continued to remain tight lipped. I led them through the hall, kitchen and finally the back hall where the hive of puppy cuteness awaited them. The screams of joy could be heard at a country mile. Mam was almost brought to the floor with hugs, quickly followed by tears of happiness (did you know tears of happiness are contagious? Or at least they were in my case that day!) Dad had been told earlier that day, but I think it really only hit him when his eyes locked on our canines. 30mins later, puppy in hand, we waved farewell to our second last puppy……


Humphrey 4mths old  #Couchlife


Humphrey almost 12mths old. Look at those paws!

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