Ever hear the news when its announced that someone in a certain part of the country has claimed their recent lottery win, however,  they “wish to remain nameless” ? They are the smart ones, the ones that go on and (unsuspectingly to all us peasants) endlessly enjoy and reap the benefits of their win under the radar. Perhaps compounding the joyous impact of their win even more so knowing all the rest of us are totally oblivious to the fact?

Well for this post and for the exact reasons given above, the new owners shall remain nameless, BUT the puppies will definitely get a mention or three!

The first of our puppies to fly the coup was “Kobe”. There is no doubt that this pup will spend his puppy hood and well into his formative year chasing and shredding sliotars and footballs all around the Banner county. My apologies in advance 🙂 His owners are 2 young brothers who were faced with the mammoth task of “pick of the litter”. Imagine all those luscious puppy eyes looking up at you adoringly and having to pick JUST ONE?? Well after a considerable amount of time eyeing up their options along with the guidance of their Mam (who you will understand brought some sense into their selection process) they chose this little guy – and what a cracker he is. Its safe to say hes not a little guy anymore and is certainly one of the head turners of the litter.We hear that one of Kobes favorite pastimes is having a snooze on his favorite rug while snoring waiting for the boys to get home from school.

For his 1st birthday, Kobe has been introduced to “Ted” his new BFF Jack Russell Terrier (see feature image) and I am reliably informed that their friendship has gotten off to a great start. #Bromance

Kobe 4Mths old

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