Our last pup to go was this beautiful eye turner. He was easy to identify in the litter as he was extremely nosey – and as a result had a little graze on his nose from trying to sniff out his dog nuts from the press. Patience was not one of his strengths and dinner time never came fast enough for him. Meet “Merlin” the first of our pups to go international…..!

I got a call from a lovely Limerick based German Gentleman who had just left a farm in rural limerick with his wife. He had answered another advert for Labrador pups in east Limerick and wasn’t happy with what met him. There was one pup remaining, who wasn’t socialized and seemed to be a lot older than the 2 months he had been told. Disappointed, they had pulled in at the side of the road to see if there were other Labradors available and that’s when they came across our advert. When he called, we had one left.

When they arrived, our house was mayhem, Shacks owners were just leaving, my phone was still ringing with inquiries and a gaggle of kids had just arrived back from a Christmas party – so I cant imagine what kind of a house they thought they were after landing at!

Once the madness calmed down – we introduced them to our last pup. It was clear that it wasn’t a case of them “settling” which was a concern seeing as he was the last one left. He was undoubtedly the one for them. He was the coolest of the litter – he assessed every situation or visitor carefully before he threw himself in (unless it was dinner time of course, that didn’t count!) Within no time he was up in their arms, licking their ears and nuzzling their necks.

Merlin lived in Limerick until Spring of 2016 and then moved to Germany where he is living life to the full. At the time of writing this post, he is almost 12mths old and spending his birthday in Italy (main feature pic) Isn’t it well for him!


Merlin chillin’ at 5mths old


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