I felt a warm fuzzy feeling the second I spoke with this little guys owner. She was calling from the Rebel County, shared the same surname as me and her first name was the same name as our cottage! The Stars were aligned RIGHT??!!! She was unable to make it up to us for a few days, but was anxious not to have the opportunity pass her by, so she kindly asked if I could pick out my favorite puppy for her and her new husband and keep him aside for when they could get to us. She advised that this puppy would primarily be her husbands walking/hiking companion as well as their first pet as a married couple together – so I needed to make sure that they got the strongest/most active of our litter with a little personality throw in for good measure – and they most certainly got that. They christened him “Shacks” – can you hazard a guess why?

I am reliably informed that Shacks starts each day with a walk in the woods close to home and enjoys regular dips in the sea.

“Shacks” almost 12mths old getting his beach on…

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