One month old already! 

I say it every time “I really need to update the blog more regularly” but this time round it really is a struggle – even though Momma Gia does all of the hard work – it’s still a busy time for us! (I know, poor me, poor me, just get on with it) but we do need to make sure Gia is fed regularly, the bed is cleaned out once a day, she gets out on the lead for toilet breaks etc but the pressure will start to ease off her from now on because…..

This weekend we started our little chocolate army on slurpy solids! Sometimes you may need to encourage the pups for their first feed by putting some food in your hand before they start eating out of the bowl – but that was NOT required on Saturday morning. If you had just walked in off the street, you would think that they had been eating solids for days,  as they stuck in without a bother!  

Now it wasn’t all plain sailing, of course some were so excited they were finding it difficult not to stand into the bowl initially an have a little walk around. But we’ll allow them that mistake! 

We have one little pup who is significantly smaller than the others, so for the past few weeks we have been giving her regular top up bottles of formula. She’s in proportion to her size, but when you see her beside her big brothers an sisters it’s glaringly obvious that she’s smaller. For that reason we fed her first just to ensure she would get a good portion an we can monitor her closely. And just like her siblings, she tucked in like an old pro.

Don’t forget that it’s important to begin to worm the puppies around now. Ours are on day 2 of a 3 day course. I really wish I had asked one of the kids to record us administering the first shot. They had NO CLUE what was going on. But luckily no spillages to report – but plenty of high pitched coughs and gags followed! is our go to pharmacy for over the counter meds. If your a first timer, the girls will explain in full what to do, so don’t be shy to ask. 

Momma Gia will be glad to be getting a little bit of time to herself – she has been running a military operation to date with her 9 wards an we have to do what we can to continue the routine she has put in place. 

Check back in with us in a few days to see how things are going! 

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