Stop. Do not pass go 🚫

And so, just like that #giassecondlitter are almost 8wks old which means only one thing….. time to prepare for moving them on to their new homes. 

Luckily for us, we have already met a couple of lovely families who have by now chosen their new pups and they can’t wait to begin their new lives together. However there are a few that we will advertise – but what the unsuspecting potential dog owner is unaware of is that they will have to get past ME before they get to my pups.

I like to call it an “Interview” (Alan calls it an interrogation) I insist on finding out as much as I can about them before I even BEGIN to talk about the pups we have. What are their living arrangements, have they a family, have they owned a dog before, are they away much with work etc (im using “etc” here as I really don’t want to bore you will the full list of endless questions I ask) and even if all those questions are answered to my liking,  I trust my gut, an if I don’t connect with you at that stage, then I’m afraid you will not pass go. 

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  1. Jesse says:

    They are so adorable!

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  2. So cute! Don’t blame you one bit for the “interrogation.” Those puppies are very lucky to have such a caring “mom.”

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