Then, all of a sudden, there was one ☝️🐾🐶

It’s funny when a new litter starts to grow and as the days/weeks go by, they begin to form their own little characters, each one just as fun as the next, but still obvious to us, you can see the slight differences. 

You have the nosey one, the lazy one, the clumsy one, the vocal one, the chubby one…….and regardless, all as adorable as the next.

As breeders, one of the first mistakes we made when we began was to assume that the first family to have the pick of the litter “are definitely going to choose chubby….” or “How could they not go for nosey first….??” It became apparent pretty quickly that each dog is destined for the right family and will inevitably end up there (or at least in our experience) 

For example, we had one dog left in our 2016 litter (the thinker) his brothers and sister had been picked up that morning by their new owners and we knew we were in for a howly night as it would be his first night alone. About 5pm that evening we got a call from a slightly upset Gentleman who was calling from the Limerick / Cork border. He had went to view a labrador pup (yellow) and when he arrived, he was appalled by what he met. It was clearly a puppy farm, the owner brought out the pup in question for him to view, covered in dog excrement, cowering and afraid of his owner. He was not in good condition and was certainly more than the 8wks old that he was advertised at. As hard as it was for them to leave him behind, they knew he wasn’t for them. They pulled in on the side of the road once they had driven a few miles away, composed themselves an decided that because they’re heart was in it, they wanted to get a puppy that day. They came across our advert right there an then – and the rest as they say is history. Their new puppy (the thinker) was PERFECT for this young couple who were newly married, Husband worked full time and wife studying law. They were eager to train this pup from a young age, he would travel a lot an therefore they needed him obedient an not easily spooked. I must admit, they send us videos of him to this day where we watch it on repeat in total awe of such an amazing example of a well trained dog! (And admittedly look in distain at our dogs who’s best achievements – other than making beautiful pups – is to put the fear of god into local cats and swim the Shannon better than Michael Phelps)  I believe that this pup was made for them.

So this leads me on to the reason I wrote this post – we spent the weekend meeting all our current litters new families – and what a weekend it was. We literally “talked puppy” for 3 days solid. The final collection was a family from Dublin an they had a choice of 2 males. It was impossible to pick as they are both as adoreable as each other, but pick they must. 

So we are now left with one, who howled himself to sleep last night without the warmth of his brothers and sisters beside him. We turned to each other this morning and agreed wholeheartedly that the family for him is out there – we just have to wait for them to call. 

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  1. Jim says:

    poor pup. hope he gets placed soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jim, I’m sure he will. They’re out there, they just don’t know it yet 🐾


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