Caution! Happy Breeder Post Ahead 🤗

If you could bottle and sell the warm feeling we get as breeders when a newly adoptive family send you pictures of your puppy settling into their new home, we would be selling the best drug ever created.

Unfortunately for me, for the first time EVER, I didn’t get to meet the family who were lucky enough to acquire “Paddy”. But don’t panic, I DID host my customary “interrogation” phone call the previous night, but due to work commitments the next day, Alan had to do the handover alone. 

And of course I was told that I would have LOVED this guy. “We could have chatted ALL day Annie, lovely man, treats his dogs like kids…..” (Ya, ya, rub it in why don’t you Alan, you know that no one loves a good auld natter with a dog person better than I!!)  And as promised, a few days later we received these beautiful pictures of Paddy looking like part of the furniture (literally & figuratively) in his new home with his new wing-men, the ever so handsome, Toby an Jake. I dare anyone to even attempt to look at these pictures without getting a warm fuzzy feeling. 

My pleasure #pawsome

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