No more puppy love 😞

It happened. The person that was out there for our little howler called us. Or to be exact, his very kind neighbour called on his behalf. I will sound like a lunatic to all those “non dog” people out there, but I don’t care what I sound like to them. This pup, our little howler was left to the very end until the stars aligned and our Tipperary bachelor asked his neighbor to “have another look on the internet there to see if there are any chocolate labs for me” and low an behold, there were. A picture of our little howler stared back at them. They called me straight away and within 90mins were at my front door, pockets filled with dog nuts and a picture in hand…….

The picture was of Denis, and his 3 old labradors, one chocolate, 2 black. They are his long time companions, or at least the 2 either side of him were, however the lab in middle passed away last autumn of old age. Denis was devastated. These dogs clearly mean the world to him and all of a sudden he was one man down. 

Although still missing him dearly, he decided that after 6mths it was time to look for another wing man and the rest is now history. 

I will admit, the howler at first was a bit sheepish…. Denis is a big man in stature, with a deep voice, daunting for even the biggest of dogs. But of course Denis didn’t come down in the last shower, he knew that the only way to a puppy’s heart, was through his stomach – and with that, presented the little dogs nuts from his pocket and placed them at his feet.  Within seconds, puppy was at his feet hoovering up his rewards and looking at Denis, tail wagging at record breaking speed, looking for more. So while I was taking that as a reason to give Denis the “don’t let your lab get fat” lecture he had puppy named and was waving goodbye to me eager to get home and start their new life together. 

I would bet the house on it that our puppy will make the latter years of Denis’s life of simple means an extreamly happy one, along with his 2 new companions at the foothills of the Tipperary mountains. 

Our work here is done. Gias second litter has been a hit. 

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  1. cosistories says:

    Congratulations on getting them all placed! 😀

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