Happiness Unleashed! 

Our jet setter Merlin has been adding more stamps to his passport (do they even stamp them anymore??) 

This summer he visited Croatia 🇭🇷 & Austria 🇦🇹 (“G’day, lets throw another shrimp on the barbie”)*Dumb & Dumber

Between balmy nights under the stars and swimming in the most magnificent surroundings, he really is living the life.

Not only has he become acostomed to chilling out in suntents on the beach but he is also being chauferred around in style and the utmost comfort in this, what I can only describe as a “batmobile”? 

Enjoy Merlin, can’t wait to here where your travels bring you next. 

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  1. What a loving blog. Can’t wait to follow and see more pictures of your loving puppies.

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    1. Thanks Plantsandbeyond! Glad you enjoyed it!

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