Cruisin’ into 2018 like….

2018 is already upon us, which means its normally roundabout now that I reflect and wonder “WHY don’t I keep this blog updated more often!???”

We really do spend a lot of time with our dogs all year round, but as you can see from all our previous posts, we spend even more time (if that’s possible) when any puppies come along……So maybe I’m allowed a guilt free blog break every now and then 🙂

This year we have decided that we will have another litter of chocolate labs. So those of you who have given me your contact details will be happy to hear that I will be in touch as soon as we know our efforts have been successful and take it from there. As you all know, Im a stickler at interview stage, so be prepared!!

For those of you who have been begging us to venture into the Labradoodle area – we aren’t quiet convinced yet. So far we haven’t come across a standard of large white poodle that we would be happy to engage and since we started breeding we have always been able to stand over every pup 100% and have had nothing but positive feedback as a result – but watch this space. If anyone knows of a nice Poodle Dog, my door is open for some further investigation.

To all the families out there who sent us wonderful cards, texts, pressies and wishes (we really were humbled) at Christmas, THANK YOU  from the bottom of our hearts. All these updates really do warm our hearts and prove to us that we are in this for all the right reasons.

Here’s a Friday photo for you to ease you into the weekend: 7wk old pups from Gias Second litter, Darcie, Piper, Bruno and Paddy – look at those shiney coats and attentive tails!





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