You need to be in it for the long haul…..

Its headlines like this that make me especially protective of our litters every time it comes to choosing their forever homes.

At the initial telephone screening stage of the process I am unapologetically inquisitive and opinionated.

No, I DONT think it’s a good idea for you to buy your girlfriend of 4mths who lives with her mum a puppy.

No, I DONT think it’s a good idea for you to buy a puppy as you “just fell upon the ad on-line and their GORGEOUS…..”

I want families who have thought long and hard about bringing a pup into their home, I want to know that you had a dog as a best friend growing up and want your children to have that experience too, I want to hear that you have an old dog at home that you hope a pup will bring a new lease of life to and help fill the void when they inevitably pass…..

I also worry if your not asking me questions back about our background. Have we kids? Are the pups handled? Is the mother a family pet?

It’s because of all these needs and wants that I know when we hand over our pups that they are going to the RIGHT HOME.

No doubts.

Breeders need to be more responsible when meeting new potential owners – but the reality is, is that they aren’t. They see the colour of their money and they are out the gap. Especially at Christmas time.

Also, I would urge potential owners to be wary of breeders who aren’t inquisitive – ask yourself WHY aren’t they delving into your back ground? Why are they so eager to sell on this pup so quickly? Breeders who cut corners when it comes to new homes may also cut corners when it come to breeding standard.

The moral of the story?? Ask questions until your gut and heart tell you “This IS/ISNT the pup for me”


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