12mths later….

This weekend we celebrated St Patrick’s Day in Limerick (like the rest of Ireland and of course the world) and it dawned on me that this time last year we said farewell to Gia’s second litter as they went to their forever homes.

During these last 12 mths each an every one of the pups owners have kept in touch every now and then. Some via text, some via Instagram an some via phone. Sharing milestone moments or funny stories.

It really is a true sign that we picked the right homes for our little’uns.

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  1. Linda Fleming says:

    Isn’t paddy the most handsome boy you’ve ever seen !!!

    He has this habit( and do does Bruno ) of just treating the older guys like sofas. Toby lying up against the wall and sitting up, still couldn’t get away from paddy when he wanted to sit on a comfy warm body!! Paddy just kept reversing into him. Toby has the patience of a saint !!!

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    1. He sure is Linda!! What a lovely gaggle of Labs you have, you (and they) are very lucky!! 💕


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