Coco’s off to the Kingdom!

As the car pulled into our driveway yesterday morning, I knew that the young boy sitting in the back seat genuinely had no clue WHAT he was doing in the drive of a house in county limerick.

He clearly wasn’t going “shopping” as his parents had promised him – or was he???

You see this fine young man had turned 9 yesterday and his lovely parents decided to bring him to our house, totally oblivious to the reason, to surprise him for his big day.

I’m actually sorry I didn’t record it, as he truly was in heaven when he was met with our pups and told “HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVAN, TAKE YOUR PICK!!!”

I will admit, they may have had to say it a few times for it to register with him, but register it did! He wasn’t long choosing “Coco” who he figured would get on really well with their other Choc lab back home, Kerry who is 14yrs Cocos senior.

I’m reliably informed that she is well settled already and getting along famously with Mam, Dad, Ivan, Kerry the Dog AND the place.

You are one lucky puppy Coco!

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