Louis heads for the City of the Tribes 👋🏼

Galway man Jack called me to have a good chat to see if his lifestyle really would suit a little labrador, as he had been toying with the idea for some time but needed some sound advice.

We had a good first call, I knew it was a decision he wouldn’t take lightly. I told him to have a good think about our chat and go talk to his girlfriend an see what she thought. A couple of calls, texts and photo exchanges later and then I was giving him the “new pup” shopping list. The deal was done.

We earmarked “green collar” pup, and before we knew it Jack and his lovely girlfriend arrived to collect their newest family member.

We received some lovely pictures of “Louis The Lab” after a couple of days and we’re advised he was house trained in no time! (We do breed some very FAST learners 🤣)

The very best of luck to Jack, Louis and co in Galway, although by the sounds of it, we don’t think you’ll need it.

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