Incoming June 2021!!!

3 peas in a pod

If Covid19 has taught us anything, it’s that we are SO glad to have 3 of the most fantastic dogs a house could wish for, because they have kept us busy, active and distracted from what’s going on in the world. “Gia” as you all know by now, has given us some of the most amazing chocolate labrador puppies, but her baby momma days are long behind her, and she is now enjoying a well deserved retirement! Her beautiful daughter “Jessy” is a more giddy version of her somewhat reserved mother (she got it from her pops!) and is just a ball of laughs. Then last, but certainly not least, we have “Rua” (irish for “ginger”) our Irish Setter who joined the family almost 3yrs ago now who, considers herself a chocolate lab (we aren’t going to break that bad news to her) and is the closest we have ever come to having a talking dog. Honest!!

We have had so many of our previous puppy owners reach out to us over the last couple of years asking if we will breed again, and at the time the answer was always “we’ll see”……. well fast forward to current day, where we DID see, and as a result we are going to have an amazing designer hybrid litter of puppies incoming this June!!!! We’ll leave you all to guess what amazing breed they will be, but we can guarantee you this, they are going to be true beauties!!!!!

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