Jessie’s Black Puddin’s have arrived!!

Paws for thought 🙂

Proud Mammy Jessie has welcomed a beautiful litter of pups into the world!

Mother Nature wasn’t long kicking in when it came to her instincts, and like a flash she changed from fun loving, divil me care labrador, to a cool, calm and patient momma bear.

This designer hybrid litter certainly did surprise us in more ways than one! To bring you up to speed: we crossed pure bred chocolate labrador Jessie with a pure bred golden retriever. The outcome we assumed you be a chocolate “Labrador Retriever” but as the days passed, it was hard to see how “chocolate”’ the pups were under their cozy heat lamps – until today! They are all BLACK AS NIGHT!!

“But how“? We hear you ask? Well after a day of googling and talking to friends in the dog world, we’ve climbed out of the “genetics of labrador coat colour” hole to learn that it can be quiet normal for dominant genes to “switch off” or “over-ride” recessive genes! And that’s exactly what’s happened in our case. What’s more, there was a possibility of SIX different litter colour combinations, all depending on the genotype of Jessie and her suitor.

That’s enough information to make anyones head spin! So I’ll sign off today with the promise to post some pics of these beautiful little “black puddins” as soon as they fill out a bit!

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    nice to meet you!

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