Rua’s Golden Irish tribe have arrived!

We’re not on fire, we just love a good heat lamp!

Last week saw the arrival of Ruas “Golden Irish” tribe and what a litter of lookers we have! Some amazing varieties of golden nuggets that we promise to get better pictures of soon (those red heat lamps really do kill a good picture!)

As you all know, we really love our chocolate labs here at Chocolate Chips HQ but BOY this litter are something else. About 4 of the crew are lighter in colour to the rest with the cutest of little white blazes here and there. One even has the dinkiest little brown nose!

We can’t wait for them to fill out over the next few weeks, that’s when the personalities will start to shine! However, in the meantime they will be found snuggled up to Rua having little puppy dreams and drinking till they are fit to burst!

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