Owner experience (“Chief” 2021, Golden Irish)

We receive regular “pup-dates” from so many of our puppy owners on a regular basis since we started back in 2015 and they remind us every day of the importance of the relationship between us (the breeder) and you (the potential puppy owner) With this in mind, we decided to try something a little different this time around and ask some of those owners to write a small piece for our blog on their experience from day 1 of speaking with us with their initial enquiry. So a HUGE thank you to Rebecca and Mark who took the time to write the below piece. They welcomed the ADORABLE Golden Irish pup “Chief” to their family this summer. You can follow him and his fun shenanigans on his very own Instagram Page “ChiefTheGoldenIrish” Warning: be prepared to DIE FROM THE CUTENESS of his page!!! Thanks again Rebecca and Mark, Chief is one very luck puppy!!!!

“My boyfriend and I have wanted a puppy for as long as I can remember, we were put in contact with Annie from a mutual friend and from the beginning she was fantastic with everything. Our situation was different to many people as we were living abroad when Rua had her litter. We decided upon “Chief” from multiple photos and videos Annie had sent us over the weeks and she could not have been more helpful with every query my boyfriend and I had, no question went unanswered. When we got Chief at 8 weeks old, he was already so well socialized and loved people. When we brought him for his first vet visit, the first thing the vet said was “You got this puppy off a good breeder I can tell!” Medically he was deemed perfectly healthy at his final vaccination at 10 weeks old. He is the best bundle of joy and makes us laugh every day! He has his own little personality and it’s hilarious to see how he’s already become the Chief of the house (pardon the pun!!). Annie and her family were a huge part in his early development & Chief wouldn’t be the dog he is today without their hard work in his early days. I would highly recommend them to any person or family looking for a puppy without any doubt in my mind!”

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