New York, New York! – “Seamus”

Where do we start with, “Seamus”, or, as he’s most notably known around the streets of Sunnyside, NY: “Famous Seamus”.

Propping up the bar at the Milton!

Seamus and his owner Liam weren’t ever really meant to be together initially you see. There was the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean keeping these two apart. The closest Liam thought he would get to this Golden Irish was admiring him on Instagram from his apartment in New York, dreaming of the day, long into the future, that he himself might take the plunge and get a puppy of his very own. But of course life being life, it throws some things at you, and you can’t hold back that tide. You just have to go with the flow…….

South Hampton

And flow they both did, with a little bit of fate and timing, their eyes met in July on irish shores and they have been inseparable since! Flown from Shannon to New York with Delta Airlines via Amsterdams Schiphol Airport pet relief area, as a mere 9wk old puppy. He had the air hostesses eating out of his hands the whole way there! (Which we are sure didn’t bother owner Liam…..)

Empire State and United Nations backdrop

Since arriving in the Big Apple, it seems Seamus (or as we like to call him “d’cousin in america) was destined to live their all his life. Breaking hearts everywhere he goes, he can be found anywhere from The Milton bar, upper east side to the white shores of the Hamptons, and that’s before we tell you about all Liams friends who beg to get their names on the dog sitting waiting list!!!!


This really is a match made in heaven!

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