Best Friends Forever: “Chroí” & Charlie

Some people say “all you need is love and a dog” – and we think 3yr old Corkonian Charlie would agree! When she clapped eyes on Jessys litter of black puddins’ earlier in the year, she gravitated towards one in particular “Chroí” (Irish for heart 🖤) and the rest is history. They get on like a house on fire and are inseparable! Be it chilling on the couch, swimming in the paddling pool or chasing a ball back the fields – they are right by each other’s side. Charlie’s parents thought long and hard before picking a breed and sourcing us as breeders (which we would recommend everyone to do) They waited until Charlie was the right age and had moved into their new house with enough space before they took the plunge. And they can confirm : it was worth the wait!

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