DNA test required for “Sadie”!!

When we received this picture of Co.Clare based “Sadie” we really were perplexed! You see Sadies mam is known far and wide to be an all round chill dog, plays with everyone, gives the paw, go with the flow kinda chick – but show her a cat and she sees RED. We’re talking CRAZY. Now, before you panic, she doesn’t kill said cats, BUT they definitely think twice about showing their faces around her again!

So when we saw her beautiful daughter “Sadie” cuddling up to her best friend Gerry the CAT – we thought it best not to share the image with her. She would have been on the first bus to Clare demanding her return to the Treaty County!

Sadies owners have plenty of grandchildren to keep her on her toes, so I suppose a regular cuddle with Gerry isn’t out of the question. 😉

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