The Incubator 🐶🐶🐶🐶

So our little hot chocolate 🍫 Gia is well into incubation stage. She’s slowed down a lot which is to be expected, but the lack of appetite hasn’t come yet. That’s when we’ll know to get the surgical gloves out and get ready to give her a hand if needs be. It’ll be her second…

Annual Vaccinations 💉

There are no excuses nowadays for you to allow your pets healthcare slip. Yes, it is a busy time of year where we are setting new goals, fitting back into work an school etc but don’t forget our furry friends – if we want them to be around for as long as possible, we need…

Coming this year…….

To a house in a limerick suburb, the pitter pattering of tiny paws! 2017 will be the year of Gias second litter 🐶 Watch. This. Space. ***Extreme Caution: Potential cuteness overload ahead 

Here’s to 2017

Just about to sit down to a bit of the ol turkey on Christmas Day an we got a lovely text from our German Export Pup “Merlin” to wish us a happy Christmas and I am sure you will agree, he is clearly loving life. It’s too cute not to post!  I know, I know,…

Sunday Strolls

Happy Sunday to all you dog lovers out there. Be sure to get out for a stroll the lovely day that’s in it. We’re just back from our walk an dip in Castleconnell. Appetite well an truly worked up for the roast later. Sookie would have loved it today. 

Sooks McGooks

Sookie came into our lives almost 16yrs ago. In fact, she was Alan’s first gift to me. I remember her first night like it was only yesterday. She was 2 mths old and it was her first time ever away from her mother. After I had fed and walked her that evening, she was ready…

Time to Pawty!

Today, Tuesday 11th Oct 2016 Gias first litter turn 1 year old! Happiest of Birthdays to Jessie, Shacks, Kobe, Humphrey & Merlin!